The Time Cost Analyst Standards


Your wasted time is found by competitors

Time Cost Wastage occurs unconsciously in organizations every day, at every level.  Time Cost Wastage wastes costs, reduces productivity, fuels employee disengagement, dilutes brand value, and destroys shareholder value.

Time Cost Analysts use more than 28 Standards to scientifically and systematically determine how your organization is spending its time, and the value of that time, based on your financials.

Step 1:

A Time Cost Analyst performs an independent assessment based on publicly available data and reasonable estimates of how your organization uses time, and the likely financial costs of time resulting from this use.

Step 2:

A group of internal Subject Matter Experts then validate and adjust the independent assessment estimates to reflect practical and unique operational profile of your organization.

Step 3:

The updated and now confidential Time Cost Analyst assessment, that has been validated by internal Subject Matter Experts is then presented to leadership.


How Long does it take?

Wasted time is wasted cost

Time is money, and using Time Cost Analyst standards determines how exactly you are spending time, enterprise-wide.

Time is money, and the fastest and easiest way to increase profitability is to reduce time cost wastage.  

Before Time Cost Analysts organizations did not know the enterprise-wide financial costs of unproductive meetings, skill deficient staff, excessive emails, searching for information, conflict, stress, and many other non-financial risks based on their own financial performance.

Now, with Time Cost Analyst Standards you can ensure that the money value of time is estimated consistently across your organization year-after-year.

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